Posted by: dambabh | June 25, 2010

Visiting the Economic Herald

On Friday, we went to visit the  China Economic Herald and have a discussion with several employees on the economic issues in the U.S. at present.  We arrived and were introduced to several of the editors and then taken up to their conference room to begin our discussion. Upon beginning our discussion it became quite clear that we had more questions about the state of China’s economy. So the discussion quickly turned from the state of the U.S. economy to the issues that China is currently facing.  The Head Editor expressed his concern that China is growing so rapidly and how we thought this rapid expansion might affect the Chinese economy and if we agreed it was growing too rapidly.  After about an hour of discussion we were escorted from their offices to a Korean barbecue restaurant on the second floor.  During lunch, the journalists were much more inquisitive about the U.S. economy and our thoughts on the issue.   After lunch we said our goodbyes and they arranged for several of their employees to take us back to our hotel.

Despite somewhat of a language barrier it was still very interesting for all of us to exchange ideas between each other, and to see how they viewed the situations their economy was encountering in comparison to those the U.S. in experiencing.



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