Posted by: rsherman44 | June 18, 2010

Thursday Night in the Park

Thursday, June 10th: A Night in the Park

After a short dinner on Thursday night, Nereyda, Meredith, Umair and myself went for a jog in the park behind our hotel. There must have been over 2,000 people in the park that night, all doing some sort of physical activity. After our jog was over, a man by the name of Peter stopped us and wanted to speak to us. Peter is a native of Anshan who works for Ansteel, which just happened to be the company we toured earlier that day. We spoke with Peter for about 10 minutes, and by the time our conversation ended, there was more than 20 people hovering around us, eager to know what the “Mei Gou Ren’s” (Americans) were up to.

After our conversation with Peter, we ventured over to the area where we got our cha cha cha lesson last Thursday night. Our dance instructor was there again, and he offered to give us a step-by-step lesson for the dance he was teaching that night. We got pretty good by the end of the lesson, but we still have a long way to go. He also told us that he will be at the park every night at 6:30, so there will be more dance lessons to come.

Bobby Sherman


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