Posted by: medmonds1 | June 11, 2010

Friday Activities

Today in Culture class we learned about Traditional Chinese musical instruments. Music students of Anshan University presented four instruments to us: the Gu Zheng, Er Hu, Di Zi, and Pi Pa. They played each of them for us. They also played three traditional Chinese songs, including “The Colorful Cloud Follows the Moon” which is one of the top ten ancient songs. It was very beautiful.

In Professor Pang’s class, Groups 1-3 presented their International Business Plans to their classmates. These groups were Marshall, Bobby, and John’s groups. The students did very well on their presentations, their leaders should be proud. At the end of each presentation there was a Q&A session. The classmates asked many challenging questions to each group. They were very intuitive. We were all impressed with their critical questioning, presentation skills and each group’s responses.

After lunch we had a Traditional Chinese culture lecture in the Liren Art Gallery of Anshan University. We learned about the Chinese art of calligraphy.



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