Posted by: medmonds1 | June 5, 2010

Fruit Decorating Competition

Just to let everyone know, we had limited access to internet earlier in the week, therefore little time to post to the blog. We changed to a new hotel that provided us with internet access in our rooms. Now we can catch everyone up on our experiences in China.

On Tuesday I guess you can say we started what will be our normal routine while in Anshan, China. We began the day with our two classes, Oral at 8:00 and Culture at 9:10. Oral class is very overwhelming. I’m not familiar with very many languages, but I can honestly say that Chinese has got to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. I am grateful to be learning such an interesting language though. In Culture class we learned about the history of China, including the many dynasties. China is rooted with thousands of years of history and tradition. It is no wonder their culture is highly respected among all Chinese people.

After our classes and Mr. Pang’s class we had a wonderful lunch on the campus of ANU with a variety of Chinese cuisines.  We all like the food served on campus which is good since we will be eating it every day.

After lunch we were assigned two Chinese “buddies”, one English major and one Accounting major. We met with them briefly to exchange contact information to schedule a time to hang out and get to know each other.

Some of the “buddies” invited us to a “Fruit Decorating Competition” on Tuesday night. None of us knew what this would be about, so we were all eager to attend. The competition started with several students performing dance routines. There were 12 competing teams of two with a table of fruit set up in front of each team. While the teams were decorating their fruit, many students got on stage to sing, dance, or perform a skit. I was glad to be sitting next to Jo because she could at least translate some things for me. When the teams finally finished their decorations, each plate was taken around the auditorium for everyone to see. The judges then voted on the best decorated fruit. The winning team made a phoenix dragon out of fruit with flames of fire on its back. It was really cool. The competition lasted for about 2 hours.

After dinner we headed to a Korean barbeque. It was buffet style, but not the buffets we think of. This one had raw meats and vegetables. You picked what you wanted, then went back to the table to cook it on a “barbeque” set up in the middle of the table. This was an interesting experience. Not sure I will return to a Korean barbeque…I’m not completely confident in my cooking skills.

Once again we had a jam-packed day, but we are honestly loving every minute of our trip. Thanks for reading our blog today!



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