Posted by: dwmartin2k10 | June 3, 2010

Peking Opera

The UAB in China program is one of the best because the level of cultural immersion that it offers students. I feel very fortunate to be able to see many different aspects of Chinese culture. Often times (especially in business) the personal cultural aspects are left unexplored or pushed to the side in the pursuit of more financial based information like GDP or per capita income levels, but a country is SO much more than its financial capabilities. The sights, the smells, the sounds, and the taste are the things that are personal and unique to the people of different countries. These are ultimately the the things that I will remember 20 years from now. Today, I used my ears to experience Chinese culture. We learned about the Peking Opera during class. One thing that I found to be  most intriguing  is that apparently in China it is very typical for men to play both the male  and female roles in Chinese operas.  The guy in the picture has been studying Chinese Peking Opera for the majority of his life and he ONLY does female roles. Interesting huh?… Check out the pics below to see his before and after transformation ;).

Xia Tian

-D. Martin




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