Posted by: mdillavou | May 31, 2010

Robert Sherman’s First Days

After almost 35 hours of traveling, we finally arrived in Anshan. Our Sunday afternoon was spent touring the city of Anshan and Anshan Normal University. Our host, Robin, then took us to a dumpling restaurant so we could experience some cuisine that is a strong part of Chinese culture.

Our morning today was very formal. We began with a meet and greet with many members of the ANU faculty, including the Vice President of the university. After we met with many of the members of the faculty, we went to a ceremony honoring professor Pang and ourselves, which consisted of several welcoming speeches from several faculty members as well as one ANU student and one of us, represented by Meredith Edmonds.

After one hour of Language class, we went pack to professor Pang’s class to meet with our group members. The language barrier is going to present some problems, but it should be easy to overcome.

Our formal lunch with the Vice President of ANU as well as the Dean of the School of Finance and Economics as many other professors was a great learning experience. In Chinese culture, you are not supposed to take your seat until everyone has reached their seat. You also cannot take any of your drink until everyone has been served and the most important member at the table has taken a drink. All food is placed on a lazy susan, but the food cannot be touched until at least four dishes have been placed on the lazy susan. Sometimes the protocol calls for no food to be touched until all food is placed on the lazy susan. Toasting in Chinese culture is very different from the U.S. The one giving the toast must keep his or her glass below the receiver, even if he drops his glass to the ground.

I hope the rest of our experiences teach us as much about Chinese culture as was taught to us in the first two days of our trip.



  1. Thanks for sharing this knowledge about the Chinese culture. I look forward to learning more!

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